Crochet Baby Hearts Cardigan


This crochet Baby Hearts Cardigan is an original design of mine, made with DK yarn and an H hook. The pattern of hearts goes around the edges of the cardigan, as well as around the back at the neck and waist.

Gauge:  14 dc sts X 8 rows (in dc)

Hearts Pattern + Love of Baby Cardigans = Total Awesomeness

Please let me know if you are interested in the pattern and I will post it!


Crochet Baby Flip Flops - Free Pattern Link

This is one of my favorite go-to patterns - baby flip flops! Easy to make (I memorized the pattern, that's how simple it is) and variety is endless. Enjoy!

Pattern is by Everything's Crochet.

Finished Crochet Baby Pullover - Free Pattern Link

Someone made a version of a baby sweater from Deb's Crafts and I just loved their photo. I followed Deb's pattern, but followed the other person's photo and this is what materialized:

I love the way it came out - so simple yet classic. The baby can wear it with anything - over a dress, with a skirt or pants. Boys and girls can wear this; of course you can make it in a rainbow of colors. You can made patterns on it, even cross stitch or embroider a pattern. You can add a pocket... the possibilities are endless! This pattern definitely made it to my all time favorites. I made it in two nights.

What is your favorite, go-to pattern?


Baby Knit Minion Hat

by Olena's Crafts

Ordered by my coworker for a baby shower..


Slouchy Adult Crochet Hat in Navy and Grey

Doc McStuffins Inspired Child Hat

Small and Large Flowers Child Hat 

Slouchy Adult Hat